Welcome to NLP Champs!

You found it... Our first post EVER!!!

Posted byon October 24, 2017

Welcome to NLP Champs!

We’re delighted to have you here! Welcome to a community of software developers, dev-ops, and hobbyists interested in all things natural language processing (NLP). This post is the first of many, many interesting mini-projects and algorithms that The Champs have posted, among many other (much better and more distinguished than us) guest posters have brought. One of our goals is to try and bring at least one new post a week, that can be shared and critiqued. We’re trying to make the complex and very difficult topic of NLP accessible to everyone.

Comments from Chris, Co-Founder of NLP Champs

Hi guys, I’d like to also welcome you to NLP Champs. I’m happy to welcome you, however you got here, whether stumbling upon it from google, or hearing about it from a friend. I don’t have much to say except checkout all the neat posts. We hope you dive in to the content we have, and feel free to make comments and ! We’re all learning here.

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Comments from Steve, Co-Founder of NLP Champs


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