Developing a character level RNN to build a Job Description Classifier

A machine learning classifier that determines required skills, required degree, desired skills, benefits, and more from job descriptions.

Posted byon March 17, 2018

Introduction and Background

tl;dr - the app is here:

So, building on my experiences with the ‘NLP Bible’ (heh 😂), I found a classifier that uses character level neural network to classify things, instead of just pure generation of text, we get a determination so the data flow is in the opposite direction -> we are feeding text to the neural network and getting a classification instead of using the neural network to produce text for us.

The Changes to

Moving Forward

My plan is eventually to release a version where the amount of classes is a variable and can by dynamically defined. But then of course this means training will have to follow suite, i.e., you will need to properly train and test for each of your groups.

(much more quality post content is coming soon - give me a break; it’s Saturday night! 😎 🍺)


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